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SSuite NetSurfer Browser
SSuite NetSurfer Browser

An extremely fast and secure web browser to access the internet with.

SSuite Grabby screen, webcam, and microphone recorder
SSuite PC-Drop

Transfer data files between Android phones and also any Windows PC.

SSuite NetVine Lan Suite
SSuite NetVine LAN Suite

A full featured server-less communications app for any local network.

SSuite Mac Dock for PC
SSuite Mac Dock for PC

A program that simulates the Mac OS-X Dock for any Windows system.

SSuite File Shredder
SSuite File Shredder

Shred all your most sensitive files or docs with the utmost confidence.

SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security
SSuite Agnot StrongBox

Encrypt any file, document, and text message using various ciphers.

SSuite Picsel Security
SSuite Picsel Security

Secures all your text messages using Steganography.

SSuite FileWall
SSuite FileWall

A secure client-server database archive using SQL-Server or MSDE.

SSuite Wind Turbine Administration
SSuite Wind Turbine

A wind turbine admin. database for new and existing installations.

SSuite DIY Vehicle Maintenance
SSuite DIY Maintenance

Keep your vehicle records in one place for better record keeping.

FHD Floral Wallpaper
SSuite FHD Wallpaper

FHD images of various exotic flowers to dress up any digital display.

SSuite CD Wave Ripper
SSuite CD Wave Ripper

Rip all your favourite audio CD's to wav, mp3, or ogg vorbis audio music files.

SSuite Grabby screen, webcam, and microphone recorder
SSuite Grabby Recorder

Record audio/video from your screen, webcam, and microphone.

SSuite Writer FHD+ Word Processor
SSuite Writer FHD+

A full featured word processor app created for FHD+ screens.

SSuite CalcPlus FHD+ Spreadsheet
SSuite CalcPlus FHD+

A back-to-basics spreadsheet app created for FHD+ screens.


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