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Free Office Software Downloads from SSuite Office Software. Created by Van Loo Software(TM). SSuite Office Software. SSuite Office is the foremost provider of Free quality office software and free downloads on the internet today. We are there for anyone that needs excellent and professional free software that actually works without any hassles. Even the first time computer-user as well as the more experienced computer-user can find the best free software applications here with us. As you might have noticed, all of the interfaces are much more user-friendly and colourful than other office software, making it much more visually intuitive and pleasing to the senses. All our software is licensed as freeware... so help yourself to our free apps... and remember to spread the word about us to all your family and friends

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SSuite Agnot StrongBox secures any file, document, or text message using various ciphers...


Screenshot of SSuite Office Agnot StrongBox Security. Secure any and all files, documents, and text messages using various cipher algorithms . Updated for the latest Desktop, Laptop, and Surface Pro tablets. 


Minimum System Requirements:Click here to download directly from our servers. Free SSuite Office Software and Suites.

  • 800 x 600 Display Size
  • Runs on all Windows systems - 32bit / 64bit


Click Here for some brilliant and excellent free portable software and utility apps, only find the best office software on the internet here. Free SSuite Office Software and Suites.Now this is what I call real security!... You may use any one of nineteen, industrial and military strength, encryption ciphers to secure your most precious private information.

There is BlowFish, TwoFish, CAST-128, Cast-256, DES, 3DES, ICE, Thin ICE, ICE2, IDEA, MARS, Misty1, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, Rijndael(AES), Serpent, and last but not least TEA. An online edition is also available.(AES)

Ever wanted to sidestep the Overlords of the internet with some real military grade encryption? Well... today is your lucky day... our Picsel application is a single, stand-alone, non installing, portable application that encrypts any and all plain text messages or text files with just one click of a button. This application uses steganography, an unbreakable encryption method using only images as your key; no password necessary. Just load an original image, enter your message inside the text editor or load your plain text document file, and click on the encryption button. Now save the encrypted image with your secret text inside with a different name as the original image. All you have to do is make sure the other interested party has the same original image that you have when sending the encrypted image to them. This original image will be the key in unlocking your secret text message. When decrypting, just load the original image first, click on the Decrypt Image button, select the encrypted image, and that is it, your secret message will now be revealed in the text editor.Free SSuite Office Software and Suites.

Simply load your file, select a cipher and cipher mode, enter your password and that is it, safe and secure encryption or decryption with just one click. Create unique passwords using the internal random key generator for unbreakable encryptions. Various password sizes are supported e.g. 8, 16, 24, 32 character strings in length.

It just could not get any easier...

Encrypt any text message or text file in exactly the same way as the above description. You may open or save the text message inside a text file for secure transmission over any network.


This application is completely and absolutely Portable!Click Here to go green with SSuite WordGraph and MajorGeeks. Free SSuite Office Software and Suites including free downloads of Microsoft Software Applications.


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SSuite Online Mercury Rising Encryption -- Demo Video - Watch Now! { 1:03 min }


Important! This download may also be used as a complete portable security kit, as it also contains FileShredder and Picsel Security for complete privacy!


Download your free office software here. Get only the best office suite software from SSuite Office Software.   4.7 MB in Download Size

Click here for a Free Download of SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 4.7MB in download sizeClick here for a Free Download of SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security, 4.7 MB in download size

Free Mirror 1 Download of SSuite Picsel Security  1 MB in download sizeFree Mirror 2 Download of SSuite Picsel Security 1 MB in download sizeFree Mirror 3 Download of SSuite Picsel Security 1 MB in download size

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