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General Keyboard Short-Cuts for Word Processors

Tutorials to make you a better software user.

Become a word processor power-user in the following, very easy, and simple steps. The following keyboard short-cuts work for the majority of word processors:


  • CTRL + O - Open an existing document
  • CTRL + N - Start a new document
  • CTRL + S - Save current doucment
  • CTRL + P - Quick Print current document


  • CTRL + X - Cut selected text to the clipboard
  • CTRL + C - Copy selected text to the clipboard
  • CTRL + V - Paste selected text from clipboard


  • CTRL + 1 - Make the linespacing 1
  • CTRL + 2 - Make the linespacing 2 or Double Space
  • CTRL + 5 - Make the linespacing 1.5 or one and a half times


  • CTRL + B - Make text bold in style
  • CTRL + I - Make text italic in style
  • CTRL + U - Make text underlined in style
  • CTRL + A - Select all the text in the current document
  • CTRL + SHIFT + A - Sets the current text selection to "ALL CAPS"
  • CTRL + SHIFT + L - Step through the bullet style you want by toggling the L


  • CTRL + F - Find selected word in a document
  • F3 - Find next  word that was selected
  • CTRL + R - Find and Replace selected word in a document


  • Home - Go to the start of a line where the cursor is currenly located
  • End - Go to the end of a line where the cursor is currently located
  • Page Up - Move the visible page one screen-view up
  • Page Down - Move the visible page one screen-view down
  • Insert - Overwrite the current text without moving the characters forward
  • Delete - Delete all forward characters from the current cursor position


Some more unknown and under-used keyboard / mouse short-cuts:

  • CTRL + Home - Move the cursor to the start of a document, character 1 - line 1
  • CTRL + End - Move the cursor the the end of a document, last character, last line


  • Double-mouse-click on a single word to select it
  • Triple-mouse-click to select the whole paragraph
  • Hold down the left mouse-button, and scroll up or down to custom zoom your document text to your liking
  • Move the current text selection with your mouse, by holding down the left-mouse button and drag and drop it


SSuite Word Processors Only  --  CTRL + H - Open document history

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